The DePaulia: March 2012

Burgers and beer? Yes.
This is no ordinary burger bar. (And burger bars aren’t ordinary to begin with.) Located just a few blocks north of the Lincoln Park campus, DMK serves up burgers that are a mouth-watering delight. And not only are they mouth-watering, they are actually good for you. The beef used for the burgers come from grass-fed cows, so it’s a much healthier option. No worry about frozen patties or that weird pink mystery meat.

And you know what goes great with that burger? Beer. All the beers are from independent brewers. For daredevils, there is the Yeti, a Russian Imperial Stout with 9.5% alcoholic content (one is sufficient). It is a strong and bitter bad boy with coffee and chocolate flavors, aged on oak chips. Chocolate, coffee and beer in one bottle? Where have you been all my life? For lighter fare, try any of the beers on tap, especially the 3 Floyds (a wheat ale) and Two Brothers (Ale). For the non-beer drinker, there are homemade sodas and milkshakes, as well as a full bar.

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