The Old #6: Back for a Limited Time!

Creamy dijonnaise, meaty mushrooms, mmmelty brie…Take a trip back in time this week with The Old #6:

beef patty, griddled scallions, blue brie*, portobello mushrooms, dijonnaise.

Available through Thursday! Plus, Evanston fans may be excited to find out it’s available at DMK Burger & Fish as the Burger of the Week through Sunday!

*a combination of a French soft-ripened triple cream cheese and Italian Gorgonzola

The Old Number 6 at DMK Burger Bar and DMK Burger & Fish

Win Free Milkshakes for a Year with Just 17 Syllables

Win free milkshakes once a month for a year with just 17 syllables!

In celebration of National Haiku Day on April 17th, DMK is holding a little haiku contest. Submit your best DMK Restaurants-related haiku through Facebook until April 16th. We’ll pick the top 10 for each DMK Restaurant and put it to a vote on each restaurants’ Facebook page on the 17th. Prizes below:

DMK Burger Bar: Free milkshakes for winner and a friend once a month for a year
Fish Bar Chicago: Free bottomless Micheladas at brunch for winner and a friend once a month for a year.
Ada Street: Free cocktail for winner and a friend once a month for a year.
County Barbeque: Free year’s supply of County’s signature BBQ sauce (12 bottles in total).
DMK Burger & Fish: Free Large fries once a month for a year.

DMK Restaurants Haiku Contest