Call for Design Submissions for Ada Street’s Backyard Mural

Both DMK Burger Bars are closed through Friday, but in the mean time, we bring you this special message of art and murals at Ada Street:

Team DMK made some awesome new friends with a few of the brains behind Threadless, and had the amazing opportunity to tour their HQ yesterday.

All of their street art murals made us realize something though.
It’s time for a change in our own backyard. 

So we’re calling all artists! Check out the photo of a few of their murals, and submit your Threadless-inspired artwork for our garage door. Deadline is this Wednesday, July 9th.

Click here for more photos and to submit.

Threadless Murals as Inspiration for Ada Street's Mural Contest

Saturday, June 28th: Date Night at DMK Burger Bar

Glamour Magazine has declared Saturday, June 28th National Date Night, and they asked us to create a special date just for their online magazine!

Join us on the 28th for a $25 date night special: 2 burgers and a split of champagne. We’ll set the mood with candlelight and sexy music PLUS we’re taking reservations at both DMK Burger Bars and DMK Burger & Fish! Give us a call now to reserve your spot!

Check out the details on Glamour’s end here.

Glamour National Date Night at DMK Burger Bar