The Real #10 Returns

Happy Chicago Cubs opening day! (and Easter). It’s officially Cubs season and aside from several months of disappointment (kidding…kind of), that means The Real #10 is now officially available every Cubs home game day.

The Real #10: beef patty, Italian beef, fontina cheese, house-made giardiniera, au jus (available dipped or as a do-it-yourself kind of situation).

In honor of the great Ron Santo​’s famed number.

DMK Burger Bar The Real #10 Available During Cubs Home Games

Ancho Guajillo Turkey Chili Available Now

This just in: studies* show that Chicagoans who incorporate more chili into their diet report greater life satisfaction and increased patience for cloudy winter days.

Don’t want a whole bowl? Add it as a topper to anything for just $1!

Today’s chili is Ancho Guajillo Turkey: Naturally-raised turkey, ancho and guajillo peppers, tomatoes, white northern beans, cinnamon, cocoa, cumin

*nonscientific (but totally valid) studies

Turkey Chili at DMK Burger Bar on January 6, 2014

Caesar Burger Available at DMK Burger Bar Through Tuesday

Get a little green on your burger in honor of our 365 Days of Giving Partner for the month, Chicago Gateway Green, an organization dedicated to restoring the beauty of Chicago – making us feel good about our surroundings and breathe a little easier, too.

In their honor, we’ve brought back the Caesar Burger and are giving 100% of the proceeds from it straight to them.

Caesar Burger: chicken burger with parmesan & sun-dried tomato, romaine, caesar dressing, and lemony onions.

Only available through Tuesday!

DMK Burger Bar Caesar Burger for 365 Days of Giving Program