Last weekend for the Cuban Extreme Burger and the Root Beer Shake

DMK Burger Bar Cuban Extreme Burger to benefit Common Threads

Young campers at Common Threads gave us a burger idea, so we’re giving them all of the proceeds from it!

Just one weekend left to get your fill of The Cuban Extreme at both DMK Burger Bars: Minced Pineapple, Spicy Plantain Chips, Provolone Cheese, Red, Green, Orange Peppers, Guacamole, and a grass-fed beef patty.

The Root Beer Shake is also in its final days at DMK Burger Bar and DMK Burger & Fish as August draws to an end. Sunday is the last day for both of these fan favorites!

DMK Burger Bar Root Beer Shake of the Month

Only a couple weeks left to enjoy the Toasted Marshmallow Shake

This month’s #ShakeOfTheMonth celebrates the smell, taste, messiness, and warmth of toasting marshmallows over campfires.

Ok well maybe not warmth. But everything else. We introduce the Toasted Marshmallow Shake!

Made with 8 truly charred marshmallows and a secret ingredient Chef Sarah will take with her to the grave. Available at DMK Burger Bars and DMK Burger & Fish!

Toasted Marshmallow Shake at DMK Burger Bar for July