Eggnog Milkshake Available While Supplies Last at DMK Burger Bar Chicago

DMK Burger Bar December Shakes of the Month Candy Cane and Egg Nog

Made with real nutmeg and real egg and even real nog, the one and only Eggnog Milkshake is back!

It’ll be available at DMK Burger Bar Chicago starting today while supplies last.

Don’t worry, DMK Lombard, we have a special for you this weekend too!

You can grab this special non-burger sandwich all weekend straight from our little sister Fish Bar Chicago. Named after Louis Armstrong, The Satchmo holds a heap of crispy shrimp ‘n crawfish, roasted garlic aioli, and b&b pickles all nestled into a split top roll.

Satchmo Po' Boy from Fish Bar Available at DMK Lombard This Weekend

Candy Cane: the December Shake of the Month

Alright, so it’s finally Love, Actually season and drunken holiday party season and, very briefly, the-snow-is-so-beautiful! season, but that’s all beside the point.

It’s CANDY CANE SEASON, most importantly. You know where this is going.

December’s #‎ShakeoftheMonth is Candy Cane: Petersen’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream, peppermint extract, crushed candy canes, malt, and a goddamn adorable candy cane garnish.

Available at both DMK Burger Bars and DMK Burger & Fish.

DMK Burger Bar December Shake of the Month Candy Cane December